Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Warning: Non-Food Blogger Blogging About Food

Although I skipped the gym before work (I am so lazy) I did knock out my workout during my lunch hour.

Going to the gym after work is not an option because it's LOST night...and if I started to blog about Lost, it would be all I talked about. For a fun Lost blog, check out Dispatches from the Island. And yes, that is the real Jorge Garcia (aka Hurley)!

And because it's Lost night, I wanted to get my prep for dinner out of the way...

Join me on my tofu journey! It kind of looks like cheese:

I LOVE Indian food, but I rarely eat it. This is a mango curry marinade with just the right amount of heat:

Thanks to some helpful vegetarians (via Google) I learned the art of pressing's under those fancy plates:

And then I bagged the tofu and added the marinade. Each bag = one serving:

So I'll be frying this up later for dinner and fueling up for Lost. It's going to be a good one too!


  1. oooh it's looking good! loveee tofu and that marinade looks divine

  2. I've got my fingers crossed...the marinade smells great!