Thursday, February 12, 2009

True Life: I think I have the flu.

So here I am, stuck at home, too sick to stop the dog from eating Walter the Houseplant.

Anysicky, here are some random headlines from a medicated mind...

Mother Nature Hates Kentucky
  • We had another windstorm last night (the second one six months)...we kept power but lost the hardware on our fence gates.
  • I stepped in dog poo trying to assess the damage on the fence.
  • I clogged our toliet trying to clean my shoes...too many paper towels.

File this under "I Can't Believe that Actually Worked"
  • I hit the dreaded diet plateau...I stepped up the exercise and dropped the caloric intake. The scaled didn't budge...
  • I tried a calorie cycling schedule (different day totals through the week with the same weekly total) and WHAT DO YA KNOW it worked! I'm through!

That's all...sleepy time.

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