Friday, February 6, 2009

Music and What Hurts Today

My ankles hurt today. Weird.

Lately I've had incredible luck picking out running music. Usually it's hit or miss, but I've really been batting 1000. (Ugh, the English Major in me wants to apologize for using two sports cliches in one sentence...and to point out that I typically say "batting 100," only to be corrected by Hubs...batting 100 would relegate me to Single A ball in Missoula).

Anyway, CC hooked me up with the Lady GaGa CD and I loooooooves it. It's poppy, up-tempo and 90% of the lyrics make no sense whatsoever. Perfect for running.

Brit-Brit's "Circus" is also pure, unadulterated crap which is what I like. So it gets alot of hits on my ipod as well.

Also, the Miranda Lambert's "Crazy Ex-Girlfriend" is probably the best pop country CD I've heard in a while, if you're into that.

But all of this new music fell to the wayside as the mercury crept above 60 degrees this weekend... 60+ degrees = our house/vehicles become Jimmy Buffett only zones.

I want my cruise and I want Mexico NOW.

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