Thursday, February 5, 2009

Words of wisdom from T.I.

Rant ahead: proceed with caution.

I rolled in to the gym at 5pm (first mistake) and naturally all 12 of the treadmills were occupied. This didn't upset me in the slightest -- I'm used to it. I stood behind the 'mills like a creeper and waited. And waited. Then I went to hang up my coat and when I returned another girl had stopped to wait for a treadmill also.

Eventually, someone finally got off a treadmill so I turned to the girl and said "Do you mind if I go ahead and grab that treadmill?"

I should have kept my mouth shut and just took the damn treadmill. I, technically, had been waiting longer than her. There was no question. Anyway, here is what followed (including my inner dialogue):

bb: "Do you mind if I go ahead and grab that treadmill?"

Girl in Blue Pants: eye roll...exaggerated sigh..."Yeah...go ahead. Whatever."

bb's inner thoughts
: she...getting an attitude with us right now?

: "Oh ok...are you sure? I know we've both been waiting."

: siiiiiiiiiiiigh..."Yeah, I've been waiting longer. But...whatever."


: "No. That's ok. I've been here, but..."

: Ok, stop playing patty-cake...pour on some good ol' passive-aggression.

: "Don't you want one with a TV? The one that's open doesn't have a TV. I hate watching a TV while I run. I can't focus on my workout."

: Nice.

: "Haha...No, I don't care."

: Is she laughing at us or with us?

: "You know what? Just take it. It's yours."

: "Really?! Are you sure?!"

: Is this girl for real? Now she's grateful? Kick her in the back of the knee while she is walking away!

: "Go for's all yours. Whatever."

What. the.

NEVER pop off an attitude with a complete stranger. This is my NUMBER ONE PET PEEVE. You never know who you are messing with. What if I were a psychopath, just waiting for someone to push me over the edge?!

It's hard to put into words what exactly I gleaned from this encounter...I think the venerable TI said it best: "You don't know me."

Beyond that, I have short temper and a low tolerance for stupid. And I have a better than average vocabulary. But I pick my battles, and this was not the time to make blondie-blue-pants cry.

I was mad at myself for being annoyed by the whole situation, but it was time for speedwork so I used my emotions to push myself a little harder. And then I found out it's supposed to be 60 degrees on Saturday and I felt much better.

Rant over. Carry on.

PS -- Listen to Christian Bale's monumental blow-up for a real rant, if you haven't already. It's totally not safe for work.

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  1. I would very much like to see one or both of us go all Christian Bale on someone in the near future. I'm going to start coming to the gym to protect you.