Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fast! (for me)

Mondays are the worst night to go to my gym. It is always packed and I end up having to wait for a treadmill and...well, you know how the story goes.

There is a huge neighborhood right behind my office, so I packed up my gear during lunch and decided I'd run as soon as I got off work.

My training schedule called for 4 miles. I started out at a faster than average pace, mostly because I was hungry and wanted to get home. When it was all said and done, I ran my 4 miles in 32 minutes.

That's an 8:00/mile. That's abnormally fast for me! And I felt great when I was finished; not tired or winded at all. I still can't believe it...

The next race on my calendar is the Rodes City Run, a 10k at the end of March. I guess the question is: can I maintain that kind of pace for 6.2 miles?


  1. That's awesome, that is so fast! I'm sure you will do great in the 10K!

  2. :) thanks! I hope I can keep it up!

  3. that is fast!! you are going to do awesome in the 10k! i'm training for my first one thats in april ahh im nervuos!

  4. I'm nervous too...I've never raced that distance!

  5. That is really an awesome pace! I'm a 9-10 minute mile kind of gal, but I would love to be able to run like that some day! Any tips on upping speed? I am working on speedwork now but I hate it!!