Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Lately I've felt really blah in terms of my diet, and I can only attribute this feeling to the lack of delicious cheeseburgers and McNuggets in my life.

But instead of giving in, I splurged on SOY, including meatless "burger" and "chick'n" products at Kroger.

I know how this sounds...and I have no intention of giving up beef, chicken or any other kind of animal flesh. But DANG this soy crap is actually pretty good!

I'm not big on the flavor of the food as much as the texture and these soy things (I have to use air quotes if I call them burgers) are very similar to real meats. And they are very low cal. Ole'!

Hubs thinks I'm crazy. He's just mad because I wouldn't share my "chick'n" with him.


  1. i love the soy buffalo chicken nuggets! so good!! im not flexible at all either, and yoga has REALLY helped, i could hardly touch my toes, would get to my shins, but now i can reach them! if youre interested, you shuold deifnitely try it out! its funny because as much as you think people are watching you, no one is, everyone is just focused on their own bodies :)

  2. I totally have some of the nuggets in the fridge...gotta try them out soon! And I will be trying yoga very soon -- if nothing else, it's an excuse to get cute yoga clothes!