Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Random Wednesday

I didn't have any caffeine this morning, so you get THIS CRAPTASTIC POST.

Just a mish-mash of random considerations:

- Just how important are the short/mid-distance runs in a marathon training schedule? I know that every run can't be a "long" run...I also know that I have to keep my overall fitness level up. But if I'm still feeling the proverbial burn from a long weekend run, should I push myself to crank out 5 miles?

- I'm wearing heels to work for the first time in MONTHS and they have somehow cured me of my shin splints...It's a miracle!

- I don't have a Garmin, so I have no idea how long it will take me to run 20 miles. I'm guessing several hours.

- I'm pretty forgiving when it comes to poor grammar, but there is one unforgivable grammar sin in my book: using "apart" vs. "a part" or vice versa. When you use one phrase incorrectly you are actually saying something that is the opposite of what you really mean....

It's like a SUPER HOMONYM but the meanings are OPPOSITES.

Is there a word for that?

Whoa, I had a nerd-blackout moment there. Sorry.

And since I ragged on bad grammar, there will undoubtedly be a hojillion spelling/grammatical errors in this very post.


  1. Even if you don't run 5 miles, you should run enough to be able to get a good stretching session in- that's always good. I'm not sure if the full 5 miles is significant in increasing your lung capacity/ oxygen tidal volume thingey. But my first instinct is that you only progress your breathing capability when you are running at, or near, the farthest distances according to your current conditioning.

    A part apart is now apart a part. What of it?

  2. it's the first time I've heard of heels healing shin splints! who knew high heels were made for runners?
    lol, do you listen to Grammar Girl podcasts?