Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Running Resolutions:

  1. Uh...improve? If I keep training I don't think I can't improve, right? That's sound logic.
  2. Run an out of town race-- this one is already in the works! ROAD TRIP!!!
  3. Bundle up and ditch the treadmill more.
  4. Hit the weights more.

Non-running Resolutions (because you care):

  1. Treat law school like a 9-5 job; maintain sanity. I start in August (after two years of big girl working) and I think this will be the key to my success.
  2. Cherish my last months at work. I'm really going to miss my job and my coworkers.
  3. Start muay thai! I've been wanting to do it for years, but I just never found the time. Sometimes you just gotta get kicked in the face for a good time.
  4. Get. Back. To. The. Island. Make Jimmy proud. This one may take longer than a year.

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