Thursday, January 15, 2009

The "D" Word

Trying a new "diet" that's not really a diet. I don't do diets. For six months leading up to the wedding I just tried to be reasonable with what I ate. I lost ten lbs., and then promptly regained it and then some in the 6 weeks after the honeymoon thanks to my LSAT study regime (no running, just logic games and chocolate).

I decided to take a cue from Hubs. He knows exactly how to fuel his body for his very manly form of exercise (weightlifting, light cardio, more weightlifting, perfecting the Ahhhhnold accent followed by strenuous weightlifting).

So with his help I am now keeping close tabs on what I eat, and trying to balance it 50%-25%-25% (carbs, protein, fat). So far, so good. I'm not as hungry as I usually am and I'm not burnt out either...maybe I'm on to something!

In other news, I can't wait for Spring. Hell, I can't wait for the temperature to creep above 30 degrees. My winter-running attire makes me look like a homeless person.

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