Friday, January 23, 2009

You know you talk about running too much when...

...your spouse has a dream about it.

So Hubs had this AWESOME dream that I was running in a race downtown. This race took place exclusively through office buildings.

I was the favorite to win (remember this was a dream) and I was kind of a big deal. Hubs said that after the race was underway, he overheard some of my competitors hatching a diabolical scheme to DQ me from the race.

He went to meet me at the last "checkpoint" and he saw at giant banner that read "MUST FINISH RACE WITH BRITTANY SPANIEL" and then he realized that they purposely withheld this little race rule in an effort to get me DQ'd! OH NOES!!!

So Super-Hubs springs into action and drives all the way home (giving up a "really good" parking spot) and grabs Gracie Lou (our spaniel) and drives back. It takes him 11 minutes to get home and 11 minutes to get back (I love obscure dream details).

He jogs alongside of me with Gracie and says "You have to finish the race with Gracie! Just trust me and do it!" I scream at him for a while, and then agree. When I see the sign I apologize for doubting him.

I eventually win the race, with Gracie in tow:

I can haz negative splitz!

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