Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Place

I was hoping to get 6 miles in yesterday, but the gym was SO FREAKIN' HOT that I only did four. I've never seen the back of my head sweat so profusely. Strike that-- I've never actually seen the back of my head.

I want to get it back today (Sunday is usually a good gym day because it's not that crowded).

I really dislike treadmill running-- it makes me think too much. This got me thinking about my running stages:

0-1 mile: Legs just waking up...probably still adjusting my iPod. Once I find that perfect song, I'm good to go.

2 miles: PAIN! Can't breathe...feet hurt...How far have I gone? How FAR? Two miles? Seriously? LAME.

3-4 miles: Normal breathing levels are returning. Starting to feel good.

5 miles: Kind of blurs with mile 4 and 6. Goes by pretty quick.

6 - 8 miles: HAPPY PLACE. I feel great. Legs, lungs...I feel like I could go on forever. I am a runner! Look at me!

8+ miles: The great beyond. I'm not sure what happens now...I'll let you know (hopefully before April 25th).

Well, time to upload a new CD to my iPizzle...I've rediscovered the first Ashlee Simpson CD. Don't judge.

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