Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rage Against Maternity Clothes

CONFESSION: Most maternity "fashion" options make. me. cringe. Behold:

FLOWERS EVERYWHERE. Because we need another reminder that YOU ARE IN FACT FERTILE. Get it? GET IT?!?! And criss-crossy tops! Because...because...WHY?! Pregnant ladies do not look good in criss-crossy tops.

Solution: I don't shop maternity anymore. I'm just buying oversized regular sized stuff.

Rant over. Thanks for listening.


  1. haha. you didn't know that I am a professional gambler and simultaneously oversee school nutrition programs?

    I use my winnings to purchase food for the kids. I lost big this week, guess that means they go hungry.

    I think the structure of the flowery top is okay- but the flowers everywhere are kinda overwhelming. The crissy crossy top does remind me that you are fertile though.

  2. Something about the epic-boobage of the crissy cross top just doesn't jive with me!